Island One Foundation

Benefiting Women, Children, Families and Disaster Victims

Success = Caring for your Customer. Is it in your DNA?

As an Executive I am driven to improve the bottom line, but what I care about most is our customer.  Making everyone feel like they matter needs to be delivered in tone of every communication weather talking to 1 or 10,001 – in person or online. That caring is my DNA, success depends on building a team that has that strand of DNA in common. Just about every other skill can be taught but true caring has be authentic. This is what attracts consumers to specific brands and donors to a particular charitable organizations.  Focusing energy around delivering service in a manner that says “thank you” is essential to staying competitive and differentiating your business. I highly recommend reading The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuck. He highlights the advantages of building relationships no matter if you are a small business or mega-brand.


Ethos of Change – Social Impact as a Business Strategy

One of the positive outcomes of the Great Recession is a turn to social impact by private enterprise.  Large and small companies are weathering the storm because they have incorporated  the principal that doing good is good for business into their business model. 

You don’t have to look far to see the success of this model from emerging companies like TOMS shoes and now glasses to brand giants like Pepsi with their refresh campaign.  In October, I challenge you to make it through a retailer without finding one or more products that  display a pink ribbon logo on it supporting Susan G. Komen Foundation or the American Cancer Society.  People like what they like and there is brand loyalty because of good products, but if all things are equal then the company that has a strong community outreach wins almost every time.  Of course some consumers start trying new products because of the support of a cause.    What could be better than companies garnering economic success, that create a better quality of life in our neighborhoods, which then fosters more economic success.

Leading – A State of Mind

As a leader, at work, in your home or in the community, your state of mind influences those around you. Your state of mind sets the tone to inspire or de-motivate.

Times are challenging! But, the “new normal” can no longer stand in the way of shaping the positive outcomes we desire to achieve. Each and everyday we need to create ways to be inspired and renew our spirit so that our mindset is directed to improving the immediate future. Creating that focal point will result in long term sustainable success. Your Muse may be daily inspirational messages, exercising, walking your operation to connect with your team, visiting with your customer, volunteering, or personal development…whatever it is, do it and redo it. Once you have achieved a consistent constructive mindset you will see your team, family, and community respond with new perspectives and increased productivity.

Stop the Marketing – Build Relationship. Build Engagement.

In this multi-channel marketing world we live in it is time to focus energy on building relationship with those who have an interest in what you offer.   Currently I am reading Un Marketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging by Scott Stratton.  Mr. Stratton sums it up when he says “If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.”

Assess the tools you use to market your business or cause.   Measure every touch point to make sure it is speaking to your audience and building relationship.   Find meaningful ways through social media to create interaction, conversation and networking.  Don’t sell all the time –  Engage!

Top 10 Countdown on why you should feel good shopping this holiday season:

10.  Retail Therapy

9.       The rush of finding a great bargain

8.       No crowds to fight

7.       Better for the environment, leave the car in its parking spot

6.       Fun with friends and colleagues

5.       Shop online in your own time 24 hours a day

4.      Have time to do other fun holiday events or relax

3.      Help the economy and take advantage of lower prices

2.       Discover unique gifts with great selections

1.       Help others while shopping for what you need!

  How to get great deals and donate without any extra out of your pocket:

            1. December 1 – December 6:  Take advantage of Island One Foundation Macy’s Friends and Family Special Discount provided for IOF’s support of Macy’s Shopping for a Cause event this past October. 

This discount includes an extra 10% or 25% off on regular, sale, and clearance items (includes designer names you love, electronics, furniture, mattresses and floor coverings).  Shop Macy’s online through our online mall at and use the special discount code: MACYSFF at the Macy’s checkout.  Shopping our mall allows YOU to earn cash rewards and creates a donation to Island One Foundation every time you purchase from any store on this site (more stores are being added every week).  For details on Macy’s special offer or if you would prefer to shop in the Macy’s store closest to you just let me know and I will send you the special discount store coupon.

         2.  December 8th   and 9th:  Island One Foundation Benefit Marketplace (2 days – 2 locations) will be open with 12+ vendors.

  •  December 8th Liki Tiki Village Resort, 17777 Bali Blvd, Winter Garden, shopping open from 11:00am – 5:00pm
  •  December 9th Island One Resorts Headquarters, 8680 Commodity Circle, Orlando, shopping open from 11:30am – 4:30pm. 

 Vendors will include:  Tupperware, spa and fragrance items, gift and team gear, jewelry and accessories, designer style purses, bake sale and food, and a gold and silver exchange (bring your broken unwanted gold and silver to earn extra cash) and more.

 Please share these special opportunities with your friends and family so Island One Foundation can continue to make a difference in the lives of women, children and families that need a helping hand during crisis.

Are you utilizing your synergy?

 Synergy is the result of collection of different elements working together.  Here’s an example:  If one Ox can pull 500 pounds, then simple math would say two Oxen can pull 1000.

 Well wrong.  Two can pull three times the weight of one.  If you work with those trying to reach the same goals how much more effective can you be 3x, 6x, 12x?  The more people bond together to accomplish a goal or mission the greater the success!

Do you engrave or weave?

One of my favorite quotes, by Pericles, is:

 “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”